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POSKAD-KU is a family compilation of postcard images obtained from purchases, postcrossing, tagging, private swaps, etcetera. Scanned using a basic scanner, images are 1024 pixels wide and at 200 dpi resolution. Optimized for web and most are around 50kb in size. It's quite fast to view/download if you're using ADSL line. Clicking on the image, will open you a larger image.

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Want to sent Free Electronic Malaysian Cards? I've made available my collection as Ecards, it's at PoskadKu Ecards

22 May 2009


Mapcards purchased from my few visits to kota Kinabalu Sabah lately.

Sabah Mapcard 1

Sabah Mapcard 2

Sabah Mapcard 3

Sabah Mapcard 4

Sabah Mapcard 5

27 May 2008

Odessa, Ukraine

A lighthouse, sea-boat station and Odessa Hotel
Postmarked 12-May-2008

Les Pyrenees, France

Postmarked 19th May 2008

Erlangen University, Germany

Postmarked 21st May 2008

Church Tower at Cordoba, Spain